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Military Games will be held in Donghu Lake sailing dock


Military Games will be held in Donghu Lake sailing dock

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Among the 27 competitions and performances identified by the Wuhan Military Games, four events, including sailing, road cycling, open water swimming and marathon, were held in East Lake. The sailing project test will be held on the 26th of this month. On the 11th, the Executive Committee of the Wuhan Military Games and the East Lake Scenic Area released the construction of the sailing venue test and the construction of the races and the preparations for the events in the East Lake Lake Heart Island.

The sailing competition base is located on the central island of Donghu Lake, with a total area of 128 mu. Among them, the water area is 118 mu, the main harbour basin covers an area of about 70 mu, the total construction area of the project is 5469 square meters, the administrative media center is 2219 square meters, part of the three floors, and the reception center is 1200 square meters. The command center and the ship depot are 2050 square meters, and there can be more than 100 470 types of vessels. Base project buildings and the surrounding natural landscape complement each other, forming a beautiful landscape.

Wuhan Dahai Sunshine Sailing Club, jointly organized by Wuhan Tourism Development Investment Group and Tencent, is the organizer of the sailing events of the Military Games. In order to lay a solid foundation for major events and popularize the sailing sport, it has held "popular sailing experience", "sailing into campus", "adult and youth sailing training" in the past two years, and the first "with the military peer" East Lake Country. The International Sailing Invitation Competition and other activities have provided basic introductory training for hundreds of sailing enthusiasts, enabling tens of thousands of citizens to deeply understand and experience the water sports.

The East Lake Greenway will be borrowed from the military and bicycle marathon. The East Lake Greenway is the first green road in the 5A-class tourist scenic spot in the world-class city. It has a total length of 101.98 kilometers and is divided into Tingtao Road, Huzhong Road, Baima Road, Country Road, Forest Road, Moshan Road and Hushan Road. Segment theme landscape. The East Lake Greenway can be visited by walking, cycling and battery car. The average road width is 6m-8m. It can host international bicycle and marathon events and meet the requirements of the UCI Cycling Competition Rules.

During the international military inspection tour in October 2018, the bicycle project representative Joey praised the East Lake Greenway, saying that this is the most beautiful track in his mind. He believes that the track is beautiful and the venue is wide, which is very suitable for holding bicycle races. The bicycle project track has now completed the whole line rectification and improvement, and the road is wide and flat, fully meeting the competition requirements.

The total length of the marathon track is 42.195 kilometers. It runs through the seven landscape roads of Donghu Green Road. Along the road, there are eight natural scenes: mountains, forests, Ze, gardens, islands, dikes, fields and bays.

Open water swimming events are located in Guozheng Lake area of East Lake, where water marathons have been successfully held for many times, with open lake and smooth water surface. This area can be used to carry out water sports after the end of the competition.