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Haikou Bay National Marine Park, public yacht marina reconstruction project


Haikou Bay National Marine Park, public yacht marina reconstruction project

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Part of Haikouwan National Marine Park starts from Baishamen and extends westward along the beautiful sand coastline to the Haikouwan Century Bridge on the south side to the east boundary of Xiuying Port; Another starts from Xixiu Beach along the west side of Binhai Avenue to Tianweijiao. including the land on the north side of Binhai Avenue and related sea areas.
The Haikou sailing and windsurfing training base project includes a new central building, a sailing warehouse and a water slide project, which will be built by the Haihai Group. Prepare for the national sailing and windsurfing team and carry out training bases for the sailing and sailing teams of various provinces, regions and cities. The base center building covers an area of 11.83 mu and the building area is 15782.1 square meters. The construction includes physical training, scientific research and teaching, rehabilitation housing, athletes' apartments and other supporting houses; the sailing garage has a construction area of 1,500 square meters and the water slide project 500 square meters. The yachting and windsurfing public yacht marina is built by Shenzhen Horizon Marina Co.,Ltd. The total area of the yacht marina is about 15000m2, and the main structure is aluminum alloy structure. The first phase of the marina has been completed and the construction of the second phase of the terminal is under construction.