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New Sports Ocean Training Center Harbor Basin Pontoon Bridge Renovation


New Sports Ocean Training Center Harbor Basin Pontoon Bridge Renovation

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Name: New Sports Ocean Training Center harbor basin pontoon Bridge Renovation and Maintenance Project

Address: Shenzhen

Year: 2018-3-1

Structure: Pile Foundation


  New Sports Ocean Training Center was  a Shenzhen Maritime Sports Base and served as a venue for the hosting of the China Cup Sailing Competition in the past ten years. It has a good foundation for maritime sports. At the end of 2016, after gaining the right to operate the Shenzhen Marine Sports Base, the New Sports Group Co., Ltd., adhering to the natural advantages and adhering to the Shenzhen Municipal Government and Dapeng New District "building marine ecological civilization" and "building a first-class tourism environment"as its project development goals, established an innovative marine tourism service system.Efforts have been made to develop into a one-stop seaside sports and tourism destination that integrates multi-functional activities such as "popularization of maritime sports,marine leisure tourism experience, and marine theme catering" to help the development of the tourism industry in Dapeng New Area.
  The renovation and maintenance project of the pontoon bridge of the New Sports Ocean Training Center was built by Shenzhen Horizon Marina Co.,Ltd., which was formally accepted in March 1, 2018, and has been successfully used at present.