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Gulangshui Town Yacht Dock Project


Gulangshui Town Yacht Dock Project

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Name: Gulangshui Town Yacht Dock Project

Year: 2017-3-15

Structure: aluminum alloy


The Gulangshui Town will set up a high-end yacht club in the future and will build a high-level yacht club in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei high-end yacht elite for the purpose of propagating sailing yacht sports to achieve professional tournament operations, mass yachting experience, and owners. Yachting services, sailing training, sailboat driver's license training and other interactive exchange platform. The Gulangyu Town can also find the beauty of Xiamen Gulangyu Island, ecological green islands, bridges, yacht bases, beaches and trails... The most beautiful scenery of Gulangyu is carved. The music that comes into the ears from time to time is even more indulgent.

The reception center of Gulangshui Town has flourished. A maritime kingdom portrays a life, and a house is dedicated to a home of the elite of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. 59-120m2 hardcover high-level, will be open to the public, high-quality coast life, will soon gorgeous open! At present, the reception center of Gulangshui Town project has been honored in the Lei Yue Mun of the China-Singapore Eco-city. This piece of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei's “City of Life” has also brought endless possibilities for the opening of a new pattern of family vacations. The construction of 19 yacht berths and platforms for Gulangshui Town was undertaken by Shenzhen Hairun Yacht Terminal Company. The pontoon structure is an aluminum alloy structure.