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Three Stone Yacht Dock Project, Fangcheng Port


Three Stone Yacht Dock Project, Fangcheng Port

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Name: Three Stone Yacht Dock Project, Fangcheng Port

Address: Guangxi

Year: 2017-3-15

Structure: Aluminum alloy


  The Three Stones Ocean Park project site (formerly known as “Sea World” and later called “Three Stones Ocean Park”) built on the basis of the AAAA scenic spot standards has reached its goal, and plans to build a swimming pool and a coastal leisure bar. Coconut Grove trails, beachfront baths, sand therapy rooms, Guanhai parking lot, food courts, coastal wedding lawns and other entertainment facilities.
  The Three Stones Ocean Park is located in the Jiangshan Peninsula, with a total investment of 1 billion yuan and covers an area of 200 acres. It is surrounded by mountains on three sides and has a wide and beautiful sea view in the southeast. The park is ideally located and has convenient transportation. It is only ten minutes drive from Fangchenggang City and less than two hours drive from Nanning City. According to reports, the park is one of the most beautiful tourism and leisure resorts currently under construction in the country. Paradise set five-star resort hotel, sailing yacht base, hot springs titanium sand convalescence, water amusement park, beach bathing, kilometers of leisure beaches is one, is the four seasons coastal tourism resort area.