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Jiangzhongzhu Yacht Club Marina Project


Jiangzhongzhu Yacht Club Marina Project

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Name: Jiangzhongzhu Yacht Club Marina Project

Address: Jiangmen

Year: 2015-3-6

Structure: Steel structure


Jiangzhongzhu Yacht Club is located in the Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Terminal (national first-class port) of Jiangmen High-tech Zone. It is adjacent to the beautiful Xijiang River and is adjacent to the Guangzhu City Rail Jianghai Station and the Jiangzhong High Speed Exit. It is within easy reach of cities such as Zhongshan and Shunde.It is a steel structure floating pier, which was built by Shenzhen Horizon Marina Co., Ltd.


It is the start-up project in the new marine industry chain constructed by Jiangmen Zhongxin Group with a capital of 400 million . This yacht club is mainly engaged in yacht sales, leasing and parking. 4S maintenance and repair, tourism, sea party, sailing events, etc., but also provide customers with ship inspection and ship certificate management, yacht driving training, ship insurance and other one-stop services.  The yacht club has a high-end Chinese and Western restaurant, coffee shop, cigar red bar, business center, multi-functional conference center and so on.


Jiangmen City Jiangzhongzhu Yacht Club will regularly join exhibitors from Shanghai, Xiamen and other places, host international yacht exhibitions, develop Jiangmen yacht industry culture, improve Jiangmen's international reputation, and use this project as an entry point to deeply integrate Yamen Lake District leisure Fisheries, hot springs, islands, towers and other cultural tourism resources, open water green tourism channels, to accelerate the development of Jiangmen tourism service industry.