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Huizhou Dongsheng Island Yacht Dock Project


Huizhou Dongsheng Island Yacht Dock Project

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Name: Huizhou Dongsheng Island Yacht Dock Project

Address: Huizhou, Guangdong

Year: 2015-4-29

Structure: Steel structure


Dongsheng Island is located on the easternmost island of Huizhou. The water quality is clear, the depth and visibility are high, the beach is gentle, and the sand is delicate. It can swim, climb mountains, and pick up shellfish on the island. It is an ecological island. Dongsheng Island was renamed this name in the late 1980s. In 1998, it opened up a special tourism project. Leisure fishing with the theme of fishermen's style became one of the most popular projects in Huizhou's tourism routes, attracting Chinese and foreign tourists. The 205m2 Huizhou Dongsheng Island Yacht Terminal Project, which was constructed by Shenzhen Hairun Yacht Terminal Engineering Co., Ltd., has improved the overall temperament of Dongsheng Island, planned and standardized the parking of yachts, and made Dongsheng Island become high-profile and chic.