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Dongguan Mercury Yacht Dock Project


Dongguan Mercury Yacht Dock Project

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Name: Dongguan Mercury Yacht Dock Project

Address: Dongguan

Year: 2015-5-8

Structure: Aluminum alloy


Mercury Long Beach, located on the bank of the Gaochun Bridge, a tributary of Wanjiangdongjiangnan, is a 1.8 km long distance from the Dongjiang River. It is the only residential area along the river(living water) in Dongguan. With the construction of Dongguan's cities such as fire, the construction of the Fifth Ring Road, the expansion of Dongguan's "big urban area" territory, the concept of Dongguan's "urban area" was dramatically rewritten, and Wanjiang was incorporated into Dongguan's "big urban area" site in one fell swoop, giving birth to Dongguan. North Wing, West Wing New City! The 250m2 yacht terminal constructed by Shenzhen Hairun Yacht Dock Engineering Co. Ltd. is supporting, which also makes the waterfront rich area more perfect.