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Yacht Terminal 1, Longqi Bay


Yacht Terminal 1, Longqi Bay

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Name: Yacht Terminal 1, Longqi Bay

Address: Shenzhen

Year: 2015-1-16

Structure: Steel structure


Longqi Bay No. 1, the chief Bay area of the first-line city, leaning against the mountains, facing the wide sea, enjoying the 800-meter Long Beach white sand comparable to the Maldives, pursuing self-quality life. Longqi Bay No. 1 has the most beautiful seascape resources in Shenzhen. At the same time, you can enjoy the "Five Seas. One Island. One. Sixteen Parks. Five Humanities" holiday facilities: the five luxury sea life vacation circle platforms(sailing base, Qixing Bay Yacht Club, Longqi Yacht Club Club, Maritime Sports Base, Nanao Dock), The terminal was built by Shenzhen Horizon.

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