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The construction procedure of the yacht wharf project


The construction procedure of the yacht wharf project

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First, the project stage:

1. Project feasibility analysis report

2, project design

3. Environmental Assessment Report

4. Flood Prevention Report (inland rivers and lakes are water areas subject to water conservancy jurisdiction)


Second, the design stage:

1. Preliminary design

2, plan design argumentation, appraisal

3, construction drawing design

4, construction drawing review, delivery


Third, the construction and construction stage:

1. On-shore facility engineering construction and construction

2. Construction of embankments, breakwaters, positioning piles and launching ramps

3. Installation and construction of floating docks and supporting service facilities

4, auxiliary facilities (lifting facilities, maintenance and maintenance facilities, oil supply design, etc.)


Fourth, completion acceptance:

1、Project construction completed

2. The local competent department of the project (Water Conservancy Bureau, Ocean Bureau, Port Authority, Environmental Protection Bureau, Waterway Bureau, Maritime Affairs Bureau, Development and Reform Commission, etc.)

3, make additional comments and amendments

4, acceptance seal


Project construction (design) should be prepared information:

1. Site map and topographic map of the project site

2. Project site hydrology, wave data

3. Geological survey report for the project site

4. Information on changes in sediment and topographic erosion and siltation at the project site

5. Project Investment Plan, Project Budget Plan

6. Project planning, construction plans, approval documents, and the scope of water use

7. Engineering design requirements and standards, number of berths, specifications (ship size, width, draught)